This page should read like a story, from the CUSTOMER’s perspective (setting them to imagine it)

concepting, stylesheet & wireframe
(NatiPorat colors, image slices, fonts)
(other stuff from Lisa? Stark?)

describe working together:
designer+developer team

show some full sites: screenshots, links, iframes …?
NatiPorat, Spadework, LMD, UJC, Stark, Sweetfish,

clemzer animation for SD?

mention that everything is responsive (with a good visual)


  • Web Design and Maintenance Brand Identity
  • MailChimp integrations and collateral design
  • Custom Coding, Animations, Codepens
  • Small businesses, Portfolios, Blogs, etc
  • Special rates for Non-Profits and Craftsmen
  • Maybe good to have a Table of Contents?

Style sheets etc - why/how, discovery, etc ...

“Each site we build is unique, from the ground up. We don’t use pre-made templates, ever.”

Probably best will be for these to be a gallery, opening in a lightbox, not a separate browser tab. But maybe just leave them as unclickable images…?

LMD should emphasize working together? an the elegance, design for function, etc

insert an actual accordion here - with a brief description of the project reqs

This one maybe should be a GIF, showing the tabs - especially with the mouse EXTRA LG. - with a brief description of the project reqs

This section can show an actual example [html] - with a brief description of the project reqs

This one could be an iFrame - mention the parallax effect, and that it is a blog site

Spadework should emphasize video and also WPML - so maybe an embed, showing the upper section with the translator button and some text. We can excerpt some text about their mission - mention non-profit rates or something.

NatiPorat should be an embed, allowing page to scroll. We can also add a screenshot of the Amelia booking