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Our Portfolio


ACTC   [ Non-Profit ]

Alzheimer's Caregiving and the Caregivers commissioned this site. We got invovled from the beginning, including Client Journey discovery, copywriting, design+build, on-page SEO, and social media management.

BlinkNow   [ Non-Profit ]

Our most extensive project to-date, including integrations with Salesforce/Pardot and FundraiseUp, a blog with a custom-coded archive page, timelines, flipbooks, and more. Next phase will be a learning module with lessons and checkpoints. Stay tuned. And please donate - they are doing awesome work!

Crust Pies   [ Brochure ]

Crust Pies makes the yummiest organic and locally-sourced food... and they ship, too. We handled their website and photography.

Delessa   [ Brochure ]

A full-screen above-the-fold CTA (call to action) was designed for the Indiegogo launch. It is perfectly "fluid-responsive."
Next step is a store built with WooCommerce.

Giampaoli Law   [ Brochure ]

Tenant Rights Lawyer Lisa Giampaoli needed a new site with better on-page SEO and also help with her Google Business Profile, which provided a perfect opportunity for a full site redesign and rebuild.

Gina Vitale Writes   [ Blog ]

Technical and medical writer Gina Vitale commmissioned this site for her business. The style of this blog is so clean.

Grace Davis Realtor   [ Brochure ]

This is a custom system designed for independent Realtors to showcase their offerings.

Lisa Mazur Design   [ Portfolio ]

LMD hired NPD to build their Agency website.
We continue to work together on many other projects.

MV Musik   [ Brochure / Blog ]

Both a brochure site and a blog, this incorporates integrations with ConvertKit CRM, Acuity Booking, and CaptivateFM for podcasts.

Nati Porat   [ Brochure ]

A brochure site in its classic format including booking software Amelia WP.

Orion Construction   [ Portfolio ]

This beautiful portfolio website for Orion Construction & Painting showcases a fully custom (and non-traditional) "side-nav."

Spadework   [ Non-Profit ]

This site includes a language switcher (Spanish/English) using WPML.

SpadeWork is an organizing school to dismantle systemic racism. They continue to be a movement center for organizing to advance racial and economic justice in a globalized world.
View more of their work at

Stark Design   [ Portfolio ]

Designed by the client for their own Agency's website, this involved coding some extra fancy navigation elements and UI components. We continue to work together on many other projects.

Sweetfish   [ Brochure ]

A very elaborate one-page restaurant site with some fancy custom-made animations.

Originally from Brooklyn NY, Sweetfish sushi and poke bowls start with the freshest ingredients, responsibly sourced and chef-designed.

Unapologetically JC   [ Blog ]

This very personal blog site is the writing journal of Judy Cardiff. Follow her on Instagram.

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Stark – Hi footer, WE ARE logo-grid

BlinkNow – FoBN, History timeline, Teams carousels (BEFORE/AFTER)

Sarah + Property – discuss strategy in MY PROPERTIES, also custom code to extend images? 

Giampaoli – (screenshots) Home page – describe unique header – before/after widget ?

Natiporat – Focusing + The Process – client colors

Lisa Mazur







Stark Design

Experience page into a Salman’s frame


Scrolling screenshots to favorite pages (Dream Big, History Timeline)


BEFORE/AFTER Homepage (tall vertical)


BEFORE/AFTER Homepage (tall vertical)


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